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Monday, July 25, 2011

inchworm breakdancing

How do you move toward becoming the greatest photographer of all time?  The other day, taking lunch, I noticed an inchworm on the dashboard trying to figure out where the @#$% it had ended up.  In this highly confused state, away from the branches it knew so well, the translucent green grub was twitching and stepping with what could only be called rhythm.  These photos are my attempt, tonight, to take some tiny, funky steps toward my goal.

oak leaves and Pogonip view

And so, quixotically, I continued my quest to become the greatest photographer of all time, today.  The strangest part of my training is that it mainly involves climbing and pruning trees.  What does tree-work have to do with photography, and how will working with trees, forty hours a week, help me to become the best photographer?  These very questions keep me up at night, too.  Climbing trees, making cuts, chipping brush, cleaning up: these are the motions (wax-on, wax-off) that help me to work toward achieving soulfulness with the box and the lens.