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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Daily Catch: 7 April 2012, Pleasure Point

Last night, after work, I took Luck on a walk around the neighborhood.  What a night.  We cruised over to Rockview and made our way along the sea wall, carefully.  Luck gets super-amped by the water, and her first trip along the narrow ledges had her even more electrified than usual.  At a couple of points I had to stop and pick her up to jump across a gap, or to climb around some rocks.  She could totally do it, but she was scared senseless, so I helped her out and in doing so I had hoped to show her that it's not so bad.  Finally, we made it all the way out to the little beach that shows up at low tide between Sewer Peak and First Peak and there was a group of people chilling with a couple of dogs.  Luck obviously wanted to play, and they asked if she could be let off leash, so I decided to give her some freedom, even though it's always a gamble.  Leash off, she was a nervous blur whipping around us in circles and running up to the woman (whom she knew had dog treats) with all of her frantic enthusiasm.  Within a minute, she was literally frothing at the mouth, as wild and happy as anything imaginable.  Gotta love that dog.  On our way back home we paused to catch the horizon rising at 26, and she leaned up against me bracing against the evening chill as I took a few shots. 
During our morning walk, we were checking out 26 and this guy came scrambling over the rocks carrying this strange looking animal.  Neither of us had ever seen anything like it, but it appears to be some kind of sea mollusk.  There were hardly any waves, but this guy stowed the megasnail in his truck, whipped on his wetsuit, and was out there paddling around for whatever he could get. Definitely someone with a curiosity and affinity for the ocean.  Makes you wonder if the mollusk came out of its shell while he was out in the water.  Could be the return of prehistoric life forms, emerging out of the sea, once again.  Then again, it's probably just some very large slug.
In case the cacophony of birds warbling their songs of love and war were not enough to remind us that Spring has sprung, then the brilliant shocks of fruit trees in bloom should do it just fine.
Sometimes, it is the ephemeral details within the landscape that I find to be the most interesting to photograph.  These scattered petals fallen among this tiny clump of growing greens reminds me that the world around us is infinitely rich in variety and that it is all temporary and should be appreciated while it is still here.

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