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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 May 2011 UCSC and Pleasure Point

Finishing up my graduate degree while working on the tree crew, I park my bike next to this Elm most mornings.  Though it occasionally loses a limb to the wind, this tree has a nice bloom in the spring, which gives the turning of the year an elegant marker. 
Working at Oakes College, we parked next to this flowering horsechestnut tree.  The early May heat-wave, baking the grassy hills, will claim these clusters before long.
After work, C-Carp tagged my shoulder as she headed out to surf the point.  The swell was not epic, but I was happy to feel the mild onshore breeze and to snap a few frames of Caroline making the most out of the energy on offer.  Riding a borrowed board, she snagged a bunch of waves.

A lifeguard at Seal Beach during the summer and swimmer for UCSC's team during season, C-Carp is no stranger to the water. 

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